targetedresearchThe Center for Retail Real Estate provides customized research on key trends in the rapidly transforming retail real estate space. How do those trends impact all participants – shopping center developers and owners, retailers, investors and municipalities? How can individual firms maximize their opportunities in the face of major consumer and technological headwinds?

CRRE research programs follow a three-step process:

  • Developing a customized knowledge base for each client, representing inputs from outstanding academic and industry research professionals.
  • Establishing an internal forum to determine how the trends uncovered in the research will impact each primary operating area.
  • Develop a research-based strategy to address the key trends impacting the client firm, and what capabilities and skills sets will be needed to succeed and flourish.

Each CRRE Research initiative is designed to provide clients with the practical knowledge and tools necessary to achieve transformation and emerge as a leader within their competitive trade areas.

In some cases, research initiatives will intertwine with education via classroom sessions and discussion groups to enable managers to evolve dramatic new scenarios together with their colleagues and peers.